Will it rain

Hi, we are Pluvi.On

We want to prevent you from being caught by surprise in a bad weather. For that reason, we created a climate monitoring system capable of delivering accurate and trustworthy data. See how it works:

Weather forecast
High-resolution weather forecast


Pluvi Network
Affordable weather stations


Real-time information and customized alerts

We deliver more accurate weather data.

More resolution, more precision.

We use super computers capable of managing a weather forecast high-resolution map up to fourfold what is already available in the market. In other words, we can tell whether it is going to rain on your street.

Machine learning

Data gathered by our network makes weather forecasting even smarter. The more data it gets, the cleverer it becomes.

Our weather stations are accurate, connected and affordable.

100% Made in Brazil

All the concept, development and manufacture are made by us in Brazil.

Intellectual property 100% Pluvi.On

Customized to your needs.

Good decisions are made based in good-quality data evaluation. For that reason, we came up with an affordable and efficient weather station able to gather data from any part of the world.

Real-time quality information.

We do understand your business' challenges. To be able to provide real-time data we connect our weather stations with the most modern protocols of IoT (internet of things).

This is Pluvi, our weather station

Control and alerts dashboards to your business.

Information for better decision making.

Pluvi.On's dashboards make real-time gathered data visually simple to read and understand, making it easier to take better decisions.

Weather warning alerts.

You are able to configure which warnings you would like to receive.

Choose the weather variants that are important to your business and also how you would like to receive them in real-time.

Real-time map of weather stations and monitoring on each of them.

High-resolution weather forecast on each station.

How can we help you?


For better planning and production, information on the weather is essential. Our data can, for instance, help you to pick the best days to harvest and plant. Do you want to know more?


Our devices installed along the railroads help on planning and maintenance of the network itself, besides issuing weather warnings. Do you want to understand it better?

Electric power generation

To assure more security on planning, maintenance and pricing, having local information on drainage basins, wind farms, or overhead power lines is mandatory. Do you want more information?


A new intelligence that helps assisting on keeping up with deadlines and budget under control. Do you want to know it?


Reduce losses related to extreme weather events by installing sensors on your city and warning people beforehand. I want it!

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